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Architectural splendour meets elegance at the Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu, Bucharest

On the evening of 2 March 2024, Casa Vernescu hosted an exceptional event that captured the hearts and imagination of all those present.

The party, the games, the music, the delicious buffet, the artistic interludes, all gave the evening a magical and mysterious air. The raffle in which all the promotional tickets collected throughout the Marathon Palace Casino were raffled off offered prizes with a total value of over 280,000 euros. The spectacular lights accompanied by electrifying music transformed the space into a living fairytale.

The imposing walls of the Vernescu House witnessed yet another story line in the already rich history of the stately building, and printed designs added further memories to the secrets of the past. Guests were invited to discover and appreciate these fascinating details, which added a touch of depth and authenticity to the whole experience.

A lavish buffet, which combined traditional delicacies with modern preparations, was available to guests, along with a Candy Bar full of tempting sweets. Some of the dishes will also feature on the new menu we will introduce in the Palace a la carte Restaurant from April. The introduction of this season’s new menu will put us one step higher on the “Places to Visit” list when it comes to 5-star restaurants in Bucharest.

Together with you, Palace Casino visitors and its team, the evening of March 2, 2024 will live on in the memory of those who had the privilege of being present, as a beautiful story of elegance, fun, luck and beauty, in a place steeped in the past and ancient customs carried into the future.

Because we want to be unique, we have innovated, so now only at Palace Casino, in any Poker game, the player can swap his playing cards with those of the dealer, especially if the dealer has caught a day when chance offers interesting combinations. Of course, this is subject to certain logical conditions in the conduct of the game. No-limit bets and probably the highest pay-outs in Europe complete the idea of perfect gambling.

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Entrance to the palace is strictly forbidden for persons under 18 years of age.

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