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A Full Month of Luck

A lucky month!

We are fast approaching the year 2023, as Joanne Harris says “Welcome March. February slowly closes its doors, and another door opens, the door of spring. Time for a change.”. For us and for those who visit Palace Casino it will be a change, a lucky one if we may say so because on 18 March 2023 we will have a prize giving party worth over 100,000 euros.

Prizes will be awarded based on promotional vouchers earned during play in both the Live Games and Slot Machines areas. In case of any doubts, more details are given at the gaming table or at the slot machines and of course the full rules and regulations at the Reception.

For the Live Games area, prizes worth 400,000 lei will be offered, divided so that it is a winning evening for all guests. There will be 37 prizes worth 2000 lei or 400 euro for each player drawn, a prize worth 25,000 lei, a prize worth 50,000 lei and the top prize worth 250,000 lei.

For the Slot Machines area, prizes over 100,000 lei will be distributed using the same structure as the Live area. There will be 37 prizes worth 1000 lei or 200 euro each, one prize worth 10,000 lei, one prize worth 20,000 lei and the top prize worth 40,000 lei. Tickets are easier to get now that we have the highest limits in Romania. The only Live Casino in Romania with doubled limits on certain Slot Machines.

Luck will be everywhere in the Casino and as Emily Dickinson says “March is a month of hope”. We turn hope into reality. Our wish is that all guests of Casa Vernescu feel like winners no matter what.

The theme of the event embraces the two colours with significance for March. The red colour representing blood, life will be harmoniously intertwined with pure white symbolising the purity of snow, ice and clouds. Put together, the two will express the desire and success of an unforgettable evening with prizes for both avid gamers and visitors to the historic building.

But until then, we look forward to welcoming you at Christmas and New Year’s Eve to share some fairytale moments together in this building. For these holidays we will offer small benefits that will create a relaxing atmosphere, a place where you can have fun and relax with friends.

We always provide you with all the necessary details via social media. You can find all the articles and details about the games in Casino Palace on our website – palacecasino.eu – and you can write to us with your questions or any other questions and we will answer you. – Facebook: “Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu Bucharest” or on our Instagram page : “palace_casino_at_casa_vernescu” –

Please note that gambling is not a source of get rich quick or otherwise!

Entrance to the palace is strictly restricted to persons under 18.

Play Responsibly!